Sunday, September 30, 2007

Find out on how to make your Life Worth More.......

One of your goals may to make your life worth More. In order to do that,we need to have a balance in our life covering our financial, health, physical, family, sosial, emotional, religion and our career. Having a sound financial planning is the first crucial step in making our lives worth more. With no financial worries, we can then focus on achieving our goals in other areas of our life. Simple tips of a sound financial planning includes:-
- protect our earnings capabilities against unfortunate events such as disablilities and critical illnesses
- save a regular fixed sum of money on a monthly basis consistently
- start saving as early as possible in our life so that compounded interest will work to our favour
- manage our expenses well. Control our spending on non-essential things
- control the usage of credit cards to prevent from going into debts
- start investing based on our life cycle to maximise our investment returns at acceptable risk level
- review our financial goals and plans on a periodic basis, say, on yearly basis and make adjustment accordingly
- be discipline and careful with managing our finances